For all its sartorial élan, Dunhill’s fragrances have not always proven as meticulously-crafted as the quintessential outfitters’ silhouetted suits, with an all too frequent onus on quantity over quality. Not so with its latest blend, Icon, which is worthy of instant cult status. Its trenchant appeal is twofold: the bottle is clad in the brand’s signature engine-turned metal and has a tactile heft that always elicits a smile (the fact it feels akin to the knurled dials of a Bentley helps). The scent meanwhile is the work of Carlos Benaïm, whose recent, magnetic Eau de Magnolia for Frédéric Malle will tell you everything you need to know about the singular talents of this Moroccan-born perfumer. Icon’s DNA represents the well-travelled Dunhill man with its Italian bergamot, Provencal lavender and Asiatic oud wood, and while it clearly shares a few parallels with another Brogue favourite, Terre d’Hermès, it has a unique allure that’s all its own. From £55 at Harrods and Dunhill boutiques from 19th January