The Ehang 184 Autonomous Ariel Vehicle is not a toy drone – you can ride in it. This electric quadcopter is large enough to carry one passenger (plus luggage) for short distances. It takes off and lands vertically and reaches 1,500 feet on its maximum 23-minute flight time at a cruising speed of 62mph. The aluminium alloy frame supports a cabin made from carbon fibre and epoxy composite, for strength and lightness. So, even though the Ehang weighs only 200kg, the craft can still carry 100kg into the air. Navigation is preplanned using the onboard 12in tablet, then one merely presses a button to take off, then you can sit back as the Ehang flies autonomously. The charge time for the craft’s batteries is between two and four hours, while, for safety, should any of the eight propellers on the four arms stop working, the 184 AAV will still reach the ground unharmed.