This attractive electric scooter is special. Or rather, its battery system is. Once you run out of juice on the Smartscooter, it takes just six seconds to swap in another full battery to be on your way again. With an aluminium frame and liquid-cooled electric motor, the cloud-connected Smartscooter boasts 30 sensors that analyse shock, temperature, riding patterns and energy use, and all this data is then relayed to your smartphone to optimise the bike’s performance. Speaking of which, its spec-sheet boasts 0 to 31mph in 4.2secs, a top speed of 60mph, 50/50 weight distribution and a drag coefficient of .72 – everything one could want in an urban runabout. The Gogoro battery alone is an engineering breakthrough, using Panasonic’s cylindrical, automotive-grade, lithium-ion energy cells embellished with 25 sensors, NFC connectivity and 256-bit security encryption. The plan is to set up a Gogoro Energy Network, ATM-like smart machines dispensing batteries in major cities so that the bikes will know where to get their nearest power fix. It sounds like the future, but with major backing from the likes of HTC and more than $150 million in funding so far, this is no pipe dream.