This could just be the finest high-performance solid fuel oven on the planet

Consider the modern high-end kitchen and it’s hard not to picture a gleaming, Patrick Bateman-endorsed wall-to-wall oven range that’s been carefully coordinated to match the walk-in humidor. Yet Harrison Artisan Ovens represent a more traditional approach to the form — one that represents culinary substance over Square Mile style. Handmade to order in the U.K. by engineer and welder Daniel Thumwood, each closed-chamber design runs on charcoal, combining the authentic flavour derived from an open grill with all the heat-controlled convenience of a convection oven. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use alike, The Harrison comes in a range of gastronomy-inspired colours from squid ink to venison, although should your musical tastes encompass Huey Lewis and Phil Collins, it’s also available in regulation wipe-clean stainless steel.

Order now from Harrison, from £6,000