It’s the small details that make the difference. The the RHA T20i, high fidelity, in-ear headphones sound exceptional, but the combination of exceptional fit, injection moulded stainless steel casing and innovative tuning filters force them to the front of the pack. Changeable filters sound like a gimmick, but the subtle difference in sound quality is well worth investigation. The supplied filters offer the most balanced performance, with a rich, neutral sound, but switch it up – simply by screwing in a different pair – and enjoy a bass boost, or treble fix, depending on the style of music you’e listening to. But the most significant, and frequently overlooked aspect of in-ear headphone design comes from the fit of the ear-buds. With a wide selection of dual density silicone, double flange silicone and memory foam ear tips the T20i virtually guarantees the perfect combination of fit and noise isolation. In a market crowded with overpriced designer headphones the RHA T20i deserve your attention, and with an unheard of three-year guarantee, they’re an investment worthy of twice the price.

RHA T20i