Often high-end hi-fi kit is more talk than walk, but Brogue has personally heard YAR Audio’s Y-der speakers and they are possible the best sound experience we have witnessed in the last few years. Founder Giancarlo Sopegno has been on a mission to created the finest aural pleasure your ears can be treated to, and he might just have managed it. Coupled with the B-yond amplifier and FEELD stand, the Y-der speakers are resplendent in carbon fibre, which gives better vibration isolation and enhanced shielding of electromagnetic waves. However, perhaps the main advantage this audiophile technology has over competitors is that the speakers are mounted so they are not in contact with the floor, again for better isolation, and can be tilted to fractions of degrees to ensure the listener is always centre stage. The effect is astonishing and has to heard to be believed. Sadly, the system is limited to just 99 examples worldwide, so book a demo promptly.

£190,000 yaraudio.com