Countless snow goggles sport ‘heads-up display’ features now, but it’s no good checking those speed stats halfway down the Streif once your lenses have steamed up. Abom’s F-BOM eyewear sports “active anti-fog” KLAIR technology, making them the world’s first goggles with an integrated heating element. This miniature heater, located in-between two lenses, performs much better than anti-fog coatings or fan systems as the heat is applied exactly where it is needed. And if your rechargeable F-BOMs do fog after a serious wipeout, they will clear in 30 seconds or less. There are two power modes: an all-day Active setting with a seven-hour battery, and Boost, which provides intermittent bursts of fog-fighting energy then automatically switches off when clear. In this mode the goggles can hold their charge up to seven days.

$250 abom