Now, you may know Brogue likes a stylish salt and pepper grinder, but this new effort from Alessi, imaginatively called Grind, is perhaps the best we have seen yet. Designed by architects Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini, these new tabletop delights will be unveiled during LDF this September at the brand’s Mayfair showroom in London. Much like the efforts from Menu, Alsop and Grazzini have added their own touch to the traditional design of the pepper mill by having the grinding mechanism face upwards. This design idiosyncrasy is both stylish and functional, because it drastically reduces the mess usually associated with traditional grinders. Made in die-cast aluminium with a ceramic grinding wheel, Grind comes in either aluminium or black painted aluminium finishes. The design even allows different millings for various types of spice as the grinding wheel can be rotated for finer or coarser grinding. Alsop and Grazzini have been working with Alessi since 2002 on projects such as Tea & Coffee Towers, WAL01, and Daytimer – but for Grind the inspiration for the final shape came from an apt source: the sea. Grind is supposed to resemble a salty sea urchin.

£69 in aluminium; £84 in black