Bentley may have brought us the first luxury SUV, the 600bhp, 187mph Bentayga, powered by a new 6.0L W12 engine that propels the 2,422kg car from 0-60mph in four seconds, but it’s not the power or speed that attracts Brogue’s attention. It’s the extras that delight us in this case. The optional infra-red electric night vision package, or the Naim for Bentley stereo system that is louder than any other SUV on the market with its 1,960 watts, 20 speakers and 300w subwoofer. And to underline the luxury status of this vehicle, one can also spec a Mulliner Tourbillon dashboard clock by Breitling for an additional €150,000 – quite something when you consider the car itself has a starting price of £160,000. And finally there’s the Linley Hamper by Mulliner with crockery from renowned French porcelain maker Havilland and award-winning silver cutlery from Robbe & Berking. The hamper is secured using a clever custom tray-docking mechanism, which allows all three compartments (hand-trimmed in Belugahide) to be pulled forward right to the edge of the tailgate.

From £160,000 bentley

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