There are a number of wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones out there at the moment, but the new Beoplay H9 from B&O Play could be Brogue’s new favourite. Available in two colours, black and “Argilla Grey” (our choice), the metal and leather H9s include a lightweight aluminium frame topped with stitched cowhide, with soft lambskin ear cushions that cover memory foam to form to the shape and curve of your ear. You get 14 hours of noise cancelling from one three-hour charge. And as the battery is removable, you can swap it out for another or use the included audio cord to keep listening. Brogue particularly likes the touch interface on the right ear cup. By tapping or swiping the headphone’s surface, you can activate noise cancelling, change songs, answer calls or control the volume. And it even works in the rain while wearing gloves. The H9s are available from the start of December, so possibly an ideal Christmas gift – to yourself.

Buy from Beoplay, £449