Two great British brands that need no introduction have banded together to form one harmonious collaboration. For the uninitiated, Bowers & Wilkins’ T7 is the acme of handheld Bluetooth speakers, an aptX-powered pocket hifi offering 18 hours’ playback from a single charge. Yet like the majority of its portable peers it is better suited to the home than the rigours of travel, which is where Burberry’s know-how for finely-crafted leather goods comes in. The luxury fashion marque has designed a bespoke, cushioned storage case for the T7 in two finishes: tan suede and —Brogue’s favourite — black embossed bridle leather. Not wanting to feel left out, Bowers’ elegant honeycomb cabinet is updated in an exclusive gold finish befitting this unique partnership. The icing on the cake? Burberry has also recorded four live EPs (featuring Burberry Acoustic musicians George Cosby, Fenne Lily, Rosie Carney and Ten Tonnes), all of which are available to download from B&W’s high-res music subscription service, Society of Sound.

£595, limited edition of 200