There is one sure way elevate the design of a kitchen – a superior tap. Surprisingly few think of this key element, yet it is one of the first things visitors notice. Brizo’s Solna Articulating Kitchen Faucet is one such tap. Inspired by the movement of the classic Luxo lamp, invented in 1930 by an English automotive engineer who specialised in vehicle suspension systems, the Solna boasts an articulating arm that allows a larger range of movement than a traditional pull-down faucet, letting you position the tap almost anywhere. For even greater accuracy, the head locks to the dock using a patented MagneDock system that also keeps it perfectly aligned when stowed. The final innovation is the optional SmartTouch technology, which commands water flow with just a simple touch anywhere on the base of the tap, handle or arm. Smart indeed – and perfect for when you are covered in oil or flour from a weekend bread-making session.

Buy from Brizo, $1,064