For all their cost-effectiveness and reliability, quartz watches have traditionally been frowned upon, but with a raft of new watchmakers putting beautiful, simple design to the fore, the times are changing. Here are three of the finest.

Uniform Wares M42

Assembled in Switzerland and hand-finished in London, the M42 (shown here in PVD black with a grey nitrile rubber strap) has echoes of Dieter Rams’ iconic watch designs for Braun. Brogue loves the elongated quarter-hour indices on this lugless stainless-steel 42mm chronograph, which is driven by an ETA 251.471 23-jewel movement.

Buy now from Uniform Wares, £600

Uniform Wares M42


A Swiss watch designed in Glasgow featuring a German-made strap utilising Italian leather. What might sound like an improbable recipe for success has resulted in one of the most perfectly-executed watch designs Brogue has come across in some time. The 35mm rose gold steel casing neatly offsets the brown leather, while behind the utilitarian face (with its signature ’00’ marker at 12 o’clock) ticks a Ronda 1063.

Buy now from Instrmnt, £180


Objest Hach

A neat idea that foregoes anything so conventional as numerals for a 3D hatched pattern – the intersections represent the hour markers. With its Ronda-based quartz movement, the Hach comes in a range of five 40mm stainless steel finishes featuring contrast colours and finishes such as this Charcoal/Grey design. Objest’s founder, Jared Mankelow, is already focussing on his next project: a Kickstarter-funded, automatic version of the Hach that can be customised to the wearer’s specification.

Buy now from Objest, £279

Objest Hach Charcoal Grey