Brogue likes a good cup of coffee, and there are few kitchen-based pleasures that beat the ability to craft your perfect brew from scratch in your very own home. Here, we have selected three of the best coffee machines available that should inject an element of style into your life (as well as that all-important hit of caffeine).

Rocket Espresso Appartamento

Rocket Espresso’s machines are all made by hand, or ‘Fatto a Mano’ if you prefer, in their Milan factory. No cut corners, no compromises, just exceptional machines built using the finest components. The worktop-friendly Appartamento is no exception, featuring a pro-grade 1.8litre heat exchange boiler – allowing simultaneous milk frothing and espresso brewing – while the heated Group Head maintains a consistent temperature shot after shot. Available with white or copper side panel inserts.


Rocket Espresso appartamento_copper Smeg ECF01

If you’re sick of domestic coffee makers being little more than tabletop vending machines, you’ll appreciate this accessible slice of retro style from Smeg. The ECF01 won’t produce a mediocre macchiato at the flick of a switch, but the Thermoblock heating system, 15 bar pressure and classic steam wand will reward you handsomely for your efforts. Brogue naturally leans towards the gloss black, but there’s red, white and blue options also available to go alongside Smeg’s expanding range of small appliances.



Slayer Steam Single Group Espresso Machine

Thanks to bored baristas and lazy tastebuds the latte has been corrupted, but prepared properly remains an absolute treat. Seattle’s Slayer Espresso has produced a new machine that uses new technology to revolutionise how baristas make their milky drinks. The patent-pending Vaporizer creates dry steam at custom temperatures meaning your milk can be cajoled into greater levels of creamy sweetness. Available in three, two or single steam head configurations, it’s also a thing of rare beauty.