Table tennis, whiff whiff, gossima or ping pong – whatever you prefer to call it, if you are going to play it, you can do a lot better than the standard folding job… like this superb effort called the Deceptor. Created by Janne Kyttanen, a Dutch digital sculptor specialising in 3D printing, the Deceptor is a complete ping pong set comprising a full-size ping pong table, two multi-faceted paddles and two 3D printed balls. The table is made from stainless steel, which means that outdoor play is on the cards and you need not worry about the wind or rain. However, Brogue thinks banishing such a desirable item to the garden is perhaps unwise. For example, those faceted paddles are inspired by the shape of stealth fighters, and their contours supposedly let players pull off better trick shots. The skeletal balls, meanwhile, zip through the air unaffected by wind. This limited edition set of eight tables measures 80 × 274 × 152 cm and lucky owners can naturally spec custom colours and finishes.