Now, Brogue has long admired Devialet’s Phantom speakers, so it was with great pleasure we received the report that there is a new version – the Gold Phantom. Whereas the Phantom multi-room speaker was 750W and the Silver Phantom an impressive 3,000W – the Gold is 4,500W. That is astonishing in a speaker with such a small footprint, and means that the Gold is eight times more powerful than the original Phantom. What’s more, the frequency response has been improved to 14Hz at the low end (helped by those opposing woofers that vibrate hypnotically while in use) and 27 kHz for high frequencies thanks to a upgraded pure titanium tweeter. Add in a new ADH processor as well as and Devialet have somehow managed to make this superb speaker sound even better. The major streaming services are supported, naturally, and hi-res 24bit playback is also on board. The signature 22-carat Pink Gold-plated finish on the sides is very tastefully done, too. In fact, Brogue thinks this is the best-looking of the three by some way.