Audiophiles have long been wary of multi-room systems, but now that Devialet has entered the arena this no longer need be the case. The brand behind the award-winning D-Premier amp has gone and launched the Phantom, a wireless speaker boasting 750 watts of sound, alongside its heftier sibling, the Silver Phantom, which can hit a staggering 3,000 watts. Devialet has somehow managed to shoehorn its analogue-digital hybrid tech into a chipset – which means you get the best of both worlds, the power of digital with the quality of analog – while keeping the Phantom’s diminutive frame to just 25cm across. With a bandwidth capability of 16Hz to 25kHz, truly thunderously bass notes are possible so there’s no need for a separate sub-woofer. And for those wishing to pull off the ultimate house party, up to 24 Phantoms can be daisy-chained over Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for the volume dial, you won’t find one; this speaker prefers a gesture control system, allowing you to wave a hand over the casing to perform certain commands. In other words, don’t dance too close.

From £1,390