The new Ducati E-400 MTB takes all (alright, most) of the effort out of mountain biking – leaving the rider to enjoy the best off-road experience possible. The aluminium frame of Ducati’s latest hardtail bike, constructed in collaboration with renowned Italian bicycle company Bianchi, is fitted with the Bosch Performance Package 250W motor driven by a 400Wh battery. This affords the street legal E-400 bike a top speed of 25km/h. Recharge times of 50 percent in 1.5 hours and a full charge in 3.5 hours are none too shabby, and it comes in Ducati red or stealthy graphite. Brogue recommends you go for stealth. Lastly, the E-400’s range is superb, depending on your chosen mode (Eco, Tour, Sport or Turbo) the bike has a ride distance from 70km to 150km.