If you are as green-fingered as Brogue – ie you can kill even a red-flowered yucca just by looking at it – then Edyn has two devices to come to your (and your yucca’s) rescue. This solar-powered smart garden system monitors and tracks environmental conditions to make sure your plants are in tip-top health. The Wi-Fi enabled kit takes the guesswork out of gardening as the Garden Sensor helpfully makes recommendations about what to plant and when to fertilise. If you add in the Edyn Water Valve (which happily fits a standard hose) and App, a world of automatic watering options is at your fingertips that will deliver H2O when, and only when, plants need it. And should you wish to override the system and give your beloved azaleas an extra drink, you may do so from anywhere on the planet there’s a decent net connection.

$100 Garden Sensor; $60 Water Valve edyn