Think of the 13-metre Evo 43 yacht as the Optimus Prime of boat design. This craft’s rear section morphs into a sundeck that is more akin to the proportions of one found on a vessel some 15-metres longer. At the touch of a button, the 12-man Evo 43 transforms from dynamic motorboat to sophisticated sun lounger as the boat’s bulwarks extend by 90 centimetres on either side, increasing the rear deck’s teak-lined floorspace by 40 percent to 25 square metres. Brogue particularly appreciates the convenience of the built-in sun loungers and hydraulic adjustable diving platform, which can also be deployed for disembarking on piers or docks, or used at sea to lift weary swimmers from the waves, thus saving vital energy reserves for another gin and tonic on that sundeck.





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