In the UK, Filson is a brand synonymous with ruggedly stylish, exceptionally well made bags, but on a recent escape to a remote corner of Cornwall, Brogue got to dig deeper into the brand, and discovered there’s more to the Seattle-based company than envy inducing commuter briefcases.

Staying a 7th Rise, a retreat set in acres of ancient oak woodland on the banks of the River Fal, Brogue disconnected from London for a few days and got back to basics. The precise location of the cottage is a closely guarded secret, so only the meeting point is disclosed upon booking.

Founded in 2012 by Thom Hunt, 7th Rise is the perfect combination of wilderness retreat and hipster hangout. In our all too brief sojourn to the coast Brogue enjoyed Thom’s exemplary wild knowledge and a cracking rabbit stew, a wonderful tasting session from local brewer Stuart Woodman, founder of Woodman Wild Ale, and the creator of the finest dandelion milk stout, and an epic meal cooked over wood and coal by chef Simon Stallard. Simon got bored of the Michelin starred restaurants of London and had the good common sense to open The Hidden Hut who’s legendary Feast Nights – think lobster, crab and fresh mackerel, cooked to perfection on an isolated Cornish beach – sell out faster than an Adele concert.

The subtle blend of rugged luxury perfectly encapsulates Filson’s roots. They have been producing the finest kit since 1897, crafting accessories designed for outdoor pursuits. Superior quality with a lifetime guarantee comes as standard. It’s pretty obvious that comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.

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