Beautiful lamps are worth investing in, so the Flux light by Lasvit and Ed Ng & Terence from Hong Kong’s AB Concept makes an eminently sensible purchase. Inspired by light reflecting off the ocean in shallow water and the traces left by the receding tide, each lamp is hand-blown using a metal casing which gives it its unique appearance where organic lines trap and refract light between the layers to create an impression of water in motion. Brogue likes the way the textured clear top meets hand-painted gold and platinum layers to trap and refract light. “The Flux is not meant to illuminate a room entirely,” says Terence Ngan. “It’s bright enough for you to be able to navigate through a space, but dim enough to please other senses beyond the eyes.” This is not the first time Lasvit and AB Concept have worked together, the collaboration has been going six years and includes the grand staircase at the soon to be opened Conrad Guangzhou Hotel. But the Flux marks their first designer-lighting collaboration. We sincerely hope this is not the last.