There are myriad action cams out there. There are myriad ski helmets. Forcite has had the, well, foresight to combine the two – so no more bolting a GoPro onto the side of your lid and ruining that alpine aesthetic. A 1080p camera capable of taking 120fps slow-mo footage is integrated into the helmet bridge, plus there’s also a wind-resistant mic to record sound. And the Alpine doesn’t stop there: OLED fog lights are available at the touch of a button to aid those night runs, and an accompanying app wirelessly taps into the helmet’s 3D sound system so you can take calls from the piste or listen to music (if you must behave like a boarder). Sensors track speed, distance and altitude, data which can then be shared with envious ski chums. But perhaps the most useful feature is that the Alpine can detect impacts, and if it deems a tumble serious enough it will automatically send out a GPS alert. Choose from 32GB, 64Gb and 128GB models; all should last up to eight hours on a single charge.

Available late 2015 forcite