The “ON” stands for Old/New, and the idea behind the G.Pinto ON turntable is to combine old school with new school, so here we have an all-in-one turntable with a class-D amp available in three versions (100W, 250W and 500W) that can play both analogue and digital sources (through Bluetooth). Brogue particularly likes the design in this case, though, with a beech wood finish for the deck with exposed valves for the pre-amp stage and a pristine white Corian plinth, platter and knobs complemented by the carbon-fibre tone arm. As high-definition 24Bit files can also be played, audiophiles will have to choose whether to go for this option or traditional records. Either way, this deck will enhance any room in which it is placed.

100W €3,000; 250W €4,000; 500W €5,000