Granted, highbrow sound systems shoehorned into bespoke travel trunks are nothing new – Pinel & Pinel have been thinking outside the luxe-leather-clad box since the late 1990s – yet when Brogue recently experienced a new collaboration between Globe-Trotter and The Analogue Foundation, it was love at first listen.

The Vinyl Listening Station brings together the savoir faire of the storied British luggage maker with the audio knowhow of an organisation backed by Audio-Technica, the Japanese brand feted for its headphones and phono cartridges. Inspired by the once ubiquitous ‘listening rooms’ in specialist hi-fi stores, the custom trunk brings together a unique turntable with a selection of Audio-Technica phono cartridges (including the AT-ART9 magnetic core moving coil and AT33Sa Shibata stylus), and a slack handful of high-grade headphones such as the £2,000-odd ATH-ADX5000. Naturally it also comes with a pre-selected library of vinyl to sample at your leisure.

The collaboration will be showcased on February 1 at Spiritland, King’s Cross, before moving on to Globe-Trotter’s flagship store at 35 Albemarle Street, London, from 19 February.