If you’re not already familiar with Heimplanet, this innovative German brand designs and manufactures the sort of geodesic, blizzard-proof tents that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Spectre. It was naturally only a matter of time before the company branched out from self-constructing shelters into other areas of technically-enhanced outward bound gear, which brings us neatly to Monolith. A four-strong collection of luggage for the latter-day globe-trotter, it covers a Weekender, Duffel Bag, Rucksack and this 22-litre Daypack. Besides the accessible price tag, there are a brace of design quirks that set the latter model apart: its ability to shape-shift from backpack to messenger and back again with the bare minimum of effort, for one; then there’s Heimplanet’s VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. system, which lets you attach a multitude of modular pouches to provide additional, spur-of-the-moment storage for everything from iPads to energy bars. While the conventional Daypack comes in black ballistic nylon, Brogue is rather partial to this optional ‘Old Astronaut’ colourway.

€169.90 heimplanet