Designed and assembled in France, the sleek and stylish Heroin Bike is not just a thing of beauty but also a superlative performance racer, thanks to its carbon fibre construction including a high-modulus carbon frame (a process usually used in the aerospace industry where the fibres are smaller and denser and so yield greater stiffness), a handmade carbon monocoque seat post, a custom carbon fibre handlebar and high-temperature carbon fibre rims. A Shimano Dura-Ace 11-speed gear system and direct mount dual pivot brakes complete the set-up of this super-light 750g bike frame (just 6.5kg with all the kit). There are aerodynamic innovations, too. The Heroin’s honeycombed surface texture is moulded onto each tube in areas that are most exposed to air resistance. The resulting depressions modify air flow, and so maximise the bike’s aerodynamic profile. The only bad news is the Heroin bike is limited to just 349 matte black models.





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