KEF has done a wonderful thing. The audiophile brand has taken its iconic original LS50 speakers and made them wireless, and most impressively it has done this without ruining the acoustics. The Uni-Q 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter remains unchanged, sitting in the middle of the 13cm magnesium and aluminium low-frequency driver. The cabinet, however, is deeper, allowing extra space for the necessary extra electronics. The master speaker, on the right, houses touch controls as well as inputs and outputs, but an app, which runs you through the whole set-up process, is the tool to control your music wire-free. The full range of connections consist of ethernet, wi-fi, aptX Bluetooth 4.0, USB or optical inputs, and there’s even an analogue out for a subwoofer. Inside the four DACs (one for each amplifier) and amp for each driver (30W Class A/B amps tweeters and 200W Class D amps for mid/bass) can handle hi-res music files. The speakers can also now use the hi-res streaming service TIDAL. The aforementioned app also houses the myraid EQ settings, including “desk” and “wall” modes, which alter sound depending of where you put the speakers, while “beginner” and “expert” modes let you decide just how involved you want to get while creating your preferred soundscape.