KODAK has form when it comes to innovation, even if the majority of its greatest hits (the Brownie, Instamatic, Kodachrome) are now golden oldies. Yet it’s these past glories that the company is revisiting to secure its future: the brand’s box-fresh Super 8 Camera, due this summer, is pitching the best bits of digital and analogue technology to reel in a new generation of wannabe Hollywood auteurs. By recording directly onto traditional Super 8 cartridges via a fixed 6mm Ricoh lens, you’ll be treated to the welcome gloss of celluloid film. The really clever part? KODAK will then process and transfer your arthouse efforts onto digital for you to share with the world. The camera’s design only reinforces its appeal: created by Yves Behar’s Fuseproject studio, it features a tactile leather gun grip, bone-china-hued metal chassis and a contrast yellow microphone integrated into the carry handle. A future blockbuster, surely?