After the Kickstarter campaign for the Coolest Cooler garnered more than $13m in funding, Brogue had a feeling a number of similar products might surface. The Kube, however, improves on the brash design of the Coolest by foregoing the lid-mounted blender and built-in bottle opener for a superior aluminium and coated polymer aesthetic combined with a quality wireless sound system. The push-to-open top panel reveals a 37.5-litre waterproof cooler, with the drain plug (to empty melted ice), power, USB and auxiliary inputs discreetly located on the rear. Our favourite feature? LED lights automatically fade up to illuminate the interior when opened. The 110-decibel speakers have a wireless Bluetooth range of more than 15 metres and battery power sufficient to keep the party going for up to 20 hours on a single charge. And as these are marine-quality speakers, this cooler king will keep pumping even during the kind of downpours common to camping “holidays”.

$1,099 kubesound

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