In the world of unlikely yet attention-grabbing collaborations, Lamborghini and Massachusetts Institute of Technology has undoubtedly jumped straight to near the top of the list with its new Terzo Millennio concept. Terzo Millennio, or “third millennium”, is more than just a aesthetic vision of future motoring, this is a self-healing, self-driving electric hypercar. On a mission to “rewrite the rules on super sports cars” for the future, the Millennio shuns normal batteries in favour of a upercapacitors for power, much like how Lambo’s use of low voltage supercapacitors in the V12 Aventador. And this energy storage system is coupled with integrated electric engines on each wheel, supplying the full four-wheel drive experience. Looking at the striking bodywork of the Millennio, Lamborghini has continued to work heavily in carbon fibre for weight reduction. However, apparently these carbon panels will also act as an accumulator for energy storage. Plus, not content with tasking the Millennio’s panels to store energy, Lamborghini and MIT want the car to be able to heal cracks and minor damage detected in the carbon structure by deploying “healing chemistries”. Finally, the Terzo Millennio will be not only be autonomous, it will be able to race for, and against, you. After giving the driver a blistering hot lap around Imola you can then take over on the circuit while following the virtual ghost car setting the pace.