While famed for its reassuringly weighty rangefinders, Leica is more at home with point-and-click photography than you might expect: after all it’s been making Japanese-assembled lenses for Panasonic since the latter launched its Lumix range 15 years ago. Yet the Sofort (German for ‘immediately’) is altogether new territory for a heritage brand whose flagship S2 camera starts at £13,800. Featuring a fixed lens equivalent to 34mm, the palm-sized design captures photos in a decidedly more retro manner, via packs of 10 colour or monochrome instant film. The Sofort also features a raft of shooting modes: Macro, Bulb, Auto, Self timer, Party & People, Sport & Action, Double Exposure and Selfie. Designed in-house by Leica, it is available in orange, classic white and — Brogue’s favourite — mint.

£230, available from November leica-camera.com