Crafted from a single block of aluminium, the Leica TL2 is a thing of beauty, inside and out

With its trademark silhouette and tactile soft-touch finish, Leica’s second-generation TL-System camera is more or less a carbon copy of its Audi-designed elder sibling. So what has changed exactly? Just about everything you can’t see. There’s a flash new 24 megapixel sensor for starters, not to mention a faster processor and electronic shutter. The TL2’s programmable 3.7-inch touchscreen responds eight times faster than its predecessor’s. The retuned autofocus, meanwhile, does its job in just 165 milliseconds. Unsurprisingly for a brand that’s famous for its glass, there are six bespoke lenses to choose from too, plus an optional electronic viewfinder to boot. 

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