It’s usually interesting when car makers get involved in ocean life (Aston Martin’s recent boat being one fine example), so when Toyota motors president Akio Toyoda decided to build the Lexus Sport Yacht, Brogue had a feeling it would be exciting. Dreamt up by the Lexus Design Center and then made real by US-based Marquis-Carver, this 12.7m, 42-foot, eight passenger yacht is powered by two 5.0L V8 engines putting out a total of 885hp. Such prodigious power is enough to reach speeds of up to 43 knots. The cockpit controls are all displayed on a suitably high-tech touchscreen, while plush finishes of leather, wood and glass mirror materials found in more familiar Lexus designs. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that upper deck and outer hull are bonded around an inner structure made from Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (a material usually used in the construction of race cars and world-class racing yachts). This results in the Lexus Sport Yacht weighing a full tonne less than if it had been constructed from Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic. Sadly, this is just a concept at the moment, but Brogue hopes the success of Lexus’s initial attempt may lead to a production version.  

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