These are the new Series 5 speakers from Linn, and one look tells you they are cut from a different cloth. Floorstanding speakers are usually not much to look at, with some notable exceptions, as they are so often black rectangular lumps found in corners of living rooms. But here, audiophile brand Linn has hooked up with Glasgow-based design studio Timorous Beasties to pimp their Series 5 speakers. There are two models to choose from, the 3 x 100W 530s and 2 x 100W 520s, both are active and employ the brand’s lauded Exakt technology (so no need for a separate amp). Both also have swappable speaker covers, so the hi-fi company sought out a collaboration with Timorous Beasties to banish all notions of dull colourways. Ingeniously, the acoustic resistance and frequency absorption of the covers is compensated for by the Exakt software, so both aural and visual pleasure is assured.

From £9,600