Loewe makes very good-looking televisions, so it is no surprise that its latest Bild 5 is something of a statement piece for the living room. It is, after all, designed by creative director Bodo Sperlein. However, what Brogue likes so much about this new set is that, unlike in so many other cases, this is not a situation where style has eclipsed substance. Not only does the Bild 5 boast an OLED screen – in 55in and 65in flavours – for super deep blacks and vibrant colours, it also packs in HDR and Dolby Vision. In short, the picture will look as pretty as the design. Speaking of design, the 5 has a distinct retro feel about it and is available in two finishes: silver oak and piano black. Brogue recommends the oak. To cap it all off, the sound offering is impressive as well, as the set has a built-in 5.1 multi-channel decoder and digital audio link. This means you will not need an engineering degree to add speakers and a woofer, then control everything using the supplied remote.

From £2,990 uk.loewe.tv