Brogue likes a nice retro keyboard, so we were delighted to come across the Love Hulten Voxarray 61. This modular instrument with more than a touch of 70s chic is crafted from ash and divided into two segments. This clamshell construction rests on a weighty four-legged stand handmade from steel. The ball handle that opens the lid cleverly doubles to control pitch and modulation when detached and inserted next to the semi-weighted MIDI keyboard. The top lid stores an array of analog and digital audio modules, and like most module synthesizers, they all connect using a variety of patch cords, creating that wonderful matrix patching system. Want to use external devices? Just patch them through the matrix. A custom-made dynamic microphone on top completes the setup.


Specs & Effects:

Meeblip Anode – Monophonic synthesizer
PianoBox Mini – Midi module
TC Helicon VoiceTone C1 – Hardtune and correction
TC Electronic M350 – Effects & reverb processor
TC Electronic Ditto Looper – Looper
Boss OS-2 – OverDrive/Distortion

Behringer UM2 – Audio interface
Behringer MS16 – Monitors
Sennheiser E835 – Dynamic microphone