MB&F has been creating outlandish timepieces for, well, some time now. Remember the Starfleet Machine? Its new Nixie Machine designed by German artist Frank Buchwald however brings a new seam of “steampunk” to the watch brand. Each of Nixie’s eerily glowing digits is displayed on an original Z568M Nixie tube manufactured by RFT in East Germany during the 1960s and recently rediscovered in a Bulgarian army depot. The steel and brass 92x42cm clock features no fewer than 350 separate components, but the six tubes are the stars of the show, presented as they are in three pairs representing hours, minutes and seconds or day, month and year. The Nixie’s circuit board has both a GPS receiver and DCF77 receiver for time and date setting, though manual adjustment is also possible.

€23,454 limited edition of 12 pieces Nixie Machine