Much of what Brogue loves about good design is incapsulated in these salt and pepper grinders from Menu. The designers have chosen an everyday object, taken the time and effort to improved it and then made it beautiful. Far easier said than done. Fashioned from ceramic or stainless steel, with a classic, bottle-like silhouette and a pleasingly organic wooden top, the true innovation here is that with the Bottle Grinder, the mechanism has been placed at the top, not at the bottom. This means no more piles of salt and pepper gathering on tables or kitchen units and instead all our your seasoning going where it was intended – on the food. Fussy about your seasoning? There is a coarseness adjustment ability, plus there are seven variants of the 20.5cm by 8cm grinders from which to choose: Stainless Steel (brushed or polished) and Ash/Carbon, Purple, Burned Yellow, Dark Green and Classic Blue all in ceramic.


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