From a company usually linked with classic motoring comes the Morgan EV3, the British manufacturer’s first electric production car. Encased within the tubular space frame chassis is a 20KWh Lithium battery and a liquid cooled 46kW motor driving the rear wheel of this almost steampunk three-wheeler. This gives the EV3 enough power to hit 0-62 in under nine seconds and go on to a top speed of more than 90mph. Weighing less than 500kg and commanding a range of 150 miles, this is also the first vehicle from Morgan to use composite carbon panels hand worked over the traditional ash wood frame. Brogue particularly approves of the tail lift at the rear, not seen on a Morgan since the company’s three-wheeler designs of the 1930s. Brass conductive cooling fins encase the batteries and an off-centre tri-bar headlight adds to the eye-catching asymmetry of the design.

£26,000 (approx)
morgan ev3
morgan ev3 rear