Producing what must be the very definition of a “smart” car, discerning UK fashion e-retailer MR PORTER has teamed up with BMWi – the German manufacturer’s sub-division specialising in electric cars – to create a limited edition tuxedo-inspired bespoke i3. The MR PORTER x BMW i3, with its signature white door rail (a tribute to the collar and cuffs on a dress shirt) manages 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds from its 170hp electric engine. The interior features dark oak wood and comes loaded with extras including a MR PORTER travel kit, BMW holdall, Leica C camera, Lock & Co bowler hat and Cutler and Gross sunglasses. “We have kept all the high specification components one would expect from BMW and added a bespoke interior and exterior finish, which is very much in keeping with our aesthetic,” said Toby Bateman, managing director at Mr Porter.” Brogue thoroughly approves.


BMWi teams up with fashion retailer Mr Porter