From the same team that in 2014 gave the world the six missing Lightweight E-Types, Jaguar is now making nine new XKSSs. These recreations of the original iconic XKSS will have hand-wheeled bodies fashioned from magnesium alloy, period Dunlop disc brakes, Dunlop tyres and two-piece riveted magnesium alloy wheels. The engine will be the 3.4-litre D-Type straight-six, which produces some 262bhp, though Jaguar has tinkered a little, adding new cast iron blocks, cylinder-heads and Weber DC03 carburettors. Inside, Jaguar says “everything from the wood of the steering wheel, to the grain of the leather seats, through to the brass knobs on the XKSS dashboard, is precisely as it would have been in 1957” – including replicas of the original XKSS’s Smith’s gauges. Some 10,000 man-hours is required to build each car, making the £1million asking price seem a little less flamboyant.






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