It’s a whole decade since Olympus first cornered the market for ruggedised digital cameras, simultaneously answering the prayers of extreme athletes and parents alike, and this July sees the launch of the Tough family’s hardiest design yet, marking something of a departure for a range that has so far focussed on point-and-shoot territory. The TG-Tracker is, first and foremost, a water-, dirt- and bash-proof 4K video camera with a fixed F2 lens,  a gargantuan 204° field of view and time-lapse capture. It also boasts a bevvy of handy features for the perennially active, not least five-axis image stabilisation, a removable pistol-grip handle and a 60 lumens headlight for roaming in the gloaming. Yet arguably its most appealing USP lies in what you can’t see: under the reinforced shell, the TG-Tracker accurately captures your current direction, location and acceleration alongside localised atmospheric pressure and temperature, plotting the results in sync with your video.