Speakers need not be tall, black, monolithic lumps looming over you in the living room, they can be stylish design items in their own right – just like the People People Transparent speaker. The clear enclosure is in fact made from tempered glass and aluminium, which results in it not only blending seamlessly with your existing decor, but also becoming a object of desire in its own right. Dual 3-inch full-range drivers and a 6.5-inch woofer put out a not inconsiderable 80 to 100 watts of power, while bass and treble controls let you customise the sound delivered. Speaking of which, the built-in amplifier boasts some fancy digital signal processing (DSP) that translates into a rich, full, balanced tone. In the rear is a “toaster slot” for an Apple Airport Express or a Google Chromecast audio dongle for high-resolution music over Wi-Fi, while, for future piece of mind, if at any time a component needs changing all one needs to open up the speaker is an IKEA-wrench tool that sits on the back.

€750 transparentspeaker.com