Looking to bridge the divide between the DJ and audiophile community, Pioneer has unveiled an overhaul to its top-of-the-line DJ headphones. The HDJ-2000MK2s have much improved sound quality and, crucially, isolation. The 50mm drivers offer an impressive frequency response of 5Hz to 30,000Hz. But the innovative sound-isolation air chambers isolate low and mid frequencies in the 300Hz to 1,600Hz by as much as 7dB compared to the original model, which in translation means better defined mid-bass/mid-range response. So no need to crank up the volume in raucous dancing establishments. Memory foam ear pads, a 1.6m straight and 1.2m curled cord, hard case and 6.3mm jack are all included. Should you wish to adopt the classic DJ stance, the MK2s have earpieces that swivel 90 degrees or can be flipped 180 degrees for “one-ear listening applications”. Available in black or silver.

£259 Pioneer