The 911 GT2 RS, with its 700hp, rear-wheel drive, racing chassis and rear-axle steering, is Porsche’s most powerful 911 of all time. Of all time. That got our attention, too. With its high-performance biturbo flat engine, the GT2 RS weighs just 1,470kg with a full tank of fuel, so it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in a thundering 2.8 seconds, then on to a top speed of 211mph, and with its near-motorsport drive tech, the 911 GT2 RS trumps its 3.6-litre predecessor by 80hp. To get this boost in performance, large turbochargers combine with a new cooling system that, at very high temperatures, sprays the charge-air cooler with water. This causes the gas temperature to fall in the overpressure range. What does this mean? Optimum power output, even under extreme conditions. Powerful air intakes and outlets, plus that imposing rear wing also hint at the blistering performance of this 911. Brogue particularly likes the GT2 RS’s ceramic composite brakes, which come as standard. The bonnet is also made from carbon to make the vehicle as lightweight as possible, while the standard trim roof is made from magnesium. If this isn’t enough of a diet, there is also an optional Weissach package for an extra 30kg of weight saving. Inside, aside from the red Alcantara, black leather and carbon-weave finishes, Brogue recommends the optional Chrono package which includes a performance display, to show, save and evaluate track times. The package also includes a stopwatch on the switch panel with both analogue and digital display. What’s more, the package comes with a lap trigger. Now all you need is the £200k and a race track to reach automotive nirvana. 

 From £207,506