This grasshopper-like, twin-seat cruiser uses “C-foil” technology and buoyancy force to lift it out of the water, while zipping along at 21 knots or 40km/h. The fun is guilt-free too, as it also packs an electric outboard motor. A touchscreen steering wheel display shows battery power, range and speed, but also handily doubles as a detachable key, without which the engine can’t be started. With a range of up to 100km per charge, the lightweight composite hull weighs only 100kg, so taking it in and out of the water shouldn’t be a chore. Thanks to the foil design, the Quadrofoil’s center of roll remains eight metres above the vessel, helping it to stay horizontal whatever maverick sea maneuvers you throw at it. Safety features? A hollow composite hull rendering the Quadrofoil “unsinkable”; an anti-collision system to reduce impact damage; plus life jackets, a paddle and a safety whistle, of course.
From €15,000