What do silicon nitride ceramic, anodized aluminium and hardened titanium have in common? All three featherweight materials can be found in the new HyperChrome Ultra Light, Rado’s masterclass in minimalist watch design. On the face of it, there’s little to hint at the depth of the R&D that’s gone into this tactile timepiece with its index-free, subtly texturised dial inspired by the calming patterns of a zen garden. The clue is in the 43mm case: Rado first introduced scratch-resistant silicon nitride in 2012, and has been enhancing the high-performance ceramic ever since. The use of sandblasted, hardened titanium inserts and an ébauche ETA movement in anodized aluminium simply allows for an even more significant reduction in weight. The watch clocks in at just 56 grams. Light fantastic.

£TBA, limited edition of 500  Rado.com