The Ressence Type 5 is not only an attractive and innovative timepiece, it solves one of the main problems with dive watches: reflection. The watch world doesn’t often unveil completely new methods of timekeeping, but Belgium-based Ressence has created the first mechanical watch to be readable underwater regardless of the viewing angle. The lightweight titanium Type 5 is just 87g, so extremely comfortable on the wrist. However, the innovation comes from the company’s decision to protect this diver against the pressures of the depths not by using an over-sized case or thick glass, but by immersing all the Type 5’s 142 components, including the dial, in 37.5ml of oil. As a liquid cannot be compressed, the oil compensates for pressure underwater. Typically, when submerged, a dive watch needs to be viewed straight on otherwise refraction turns the glass into a mirror. But not with an oil-filled watch, which gives the Type 5 its complete legibility whatever the angle. What’s more the 46mm watch has a 36-hour power reserve and can operate down to 10ATM. It comes in two versions: the 5B, with a black dial and titanium finish, but Brogue’s choice would be the 5BB “all black”, a stealth version with a black DLC coating that amplifies the visual impact of the oil-filled black dial.