Ressence is a watch brand with more than a touch of innovation under its belt – and teaming up with online luxury retailer Mr Porter to produce the Type 1 MRP collaboration is an equally smart move. After all, the watch brand broke with convention when it decided to eschew the standard format of having overlapping hands on the face, instead opting for giving each indicator its own space for minutes, hours, seconds and date. The dial itself acts as the minute hand, rotating once an hour, while the other discs turn on the face. The company calls this its Ressence Orbital Convex System, or ROCS for short. Launching today, the new Type 1 MRP will come in two varieties: the Type 1PN MRP Grade 5 polished titanium with Night Blue metallic dial in a 42mm case, limited to 12 timepieces, and the Type 1PW MRP 18k rose gold with Sandblasted White dial in a 42mm case, limited to six timepieces. Both versions are splash resistant to one atmosphere, have a power reserve of 36 hours, and are available from today. Due to the limited numbers here, Brogue suggests you move quickly if your are interested.

Ressence Type 1PN MRP titanium, £15,360; Ressence Type 1PW MRP rose gold, £25,850

Type 1 White Rose Gold case watch ** MRP EXCLUSIVE**